Tango classes for beginners is delayed

We delay the start a week, we will start the
January 18

Have you never taken a tango step? At this level you will learn the mechanism of the first steps in a relaxed and enjoyable way.

In our tango classes for beginners, Level 0, We will learn the basics of this wonderful dance, assimilating technical aspects such as axis, change and transfer of weight, connection and listening.

Walking, the embrace and communication of the couple, in the search for a fluid movement for a rhythmic and elegant dance are basic principles of tango and of course they will be present in our school from our tango classes for beginners 

At El Desbande Tango we make sure of your good learning.

Something that must not be lost sight of is the exchange of couples and even more so between the students who attend individually within the classes to develop creativity and improvisation. In ours tango classes for beginners We promote this fundamental idea for the future development of dance 

Tango develops personal capacities, such as concentration, improvisation, sensitivity, creativity, reaction capacity and social relationships, from the beginning in our tango classes for beginners you will be able to observe the start-up of these capacities.

To support what we have learned in tango classes for beginners we have several useful tools that at the El Desbande tango school we put at your disposal in our tango classes for beginners, our fan page at Facebook and Instagram where we weekly publish the summaries of the classes and where we will help you organize to come to practice at school , (currently one month per month we will soon expand) and to know our milonga, one of the deans of Barcelona and Spain, well known beyond our borders.

In the next quarter Winter 2022 (January - March), we have three scheduled Schedule  tango classes for beginners 

Wednesday 8.30pm to 9.45pm

Friday 7pm to 8.15pm

Monday mornings 11.30am to 12.45pm 


Free Open Class January 11  https://barnatango.com/actualidad/jornada-de-puertas-abiertas-clase-gratis-tango/ 

Discounts for beginner classes  https://barnatango.com/actualidad/descuentos-tango-invierno/

We leave you a sample of our online courses where you can learn the technical fundamentals and the basic step.

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