Free places for women at various levels

During the week of October 4 to 10 we will resume regular classes in El Desbande, last week we had a open house , We are happy with the large number of people who came to the school to meet us, for having given them the opportunity to get to know not only the school but also the principles of this great dance that is tango and the excellent feedback we received. 

So much so that we have been able to turn around the usual trend not only in tango, but also in most ballroom dances, where it is usual for the interests to focus for the most part on female participants, we have received a good number of requests for information, not only from couples and women, but also from men are couples with a great curiosity to discover our tango universe. 

At the moment we can offer several places available for single women, in various tango courses, where some schedules are already almost full. We have no doubt that in the coming weeks we will be able to put up the sign of closed registration. 

Free places for single women   


Level 0

  • Wednesday from 7.15pm to 8.30pm, we start on 10-06-2021
  • Friday from 7pm to 8.15pm we start on 8-10-2021
  • Saturdays from 5.30pm to 7.45pm, we start at the end of the month


Level 1-2

  • Tuesday 7pm to 8.15pm

Level 2-3

  • Tuesday 8.15pm

Level 4 (advanced)

  • Friday 8.15pm to 9.30pm


If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us

Also being a leader (male role), since your role is more complicated and requires more practice, especially at the beginning, in addition to the fact that there are always fewer men, you could come up to three days a week, depending on your schedule possibilities and pace of work. learning. 

If you are a woman and want to learn the role of leader, you can have the same opportunity.     

For all discounts you must send an e-mail to the address and only to this address, with the code DESBANDE- DISCOUNTS in the subject, and explain to us in the body of the e-mail in which category of discount you enter 

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