Dance the orchestras, August and September 2021

In August and September we will propose a work of knowledge, analysis and interpretation  of different and important tango orchestras, among them those of, Canaro, Biaggi, Pugliese, Tanturi and D`Arienzo, we will provide tools for understanding the music, analyzing them in an entertaining, simple and fun way, in order to achieve a good interpretation that helps to enjoy the tango danced.

Orchestras Basic level  (1-2 tango)

Tuesday from 8.15pm to 9.30pm

Orchestras Medium level (3-4-5 tango)

Friday from 7.45pm to 9pm

Price per person

4 classes, 1 x week course € 50, 2 courses per week  € 90, 3 courses per week  120€

8 classes 1 course per week  € 90, 2 courses per week € 120, 3 courses per week € 200


Dancing tango is wonderful, the infinity of orchestras, styles, periods, sounds, make that when it comes to dancing this genre  the dancer can express an infinity of moods, emotions and feelings, Tango is a sad feeling that is danced, He said Enrique Santos Discépolo, great poet of Argentine culture and one of the greatest tango lyricists.

This capacity for expression comes, of course,  of listening, to be able to print different qualities to the movement, bound, cut, varied, repeated, frozen ..., etc, we must know how to listen, so once again, in our tango school El Desbande, this summer we propose different intensive courses that have as a purpose to know, distinguish and interpret tango music and analyze some of the most important orchestras, those of Carlos Di Sarli, Juan D`Arienzo, Ricardo Tanturi, Francisco Canaro and Osvaldo Pugliese will be chosen this time.

From the most generic common to all the authors to the most specific of each one of them, we have four elements to take into account for the dancers, compass, rhythm, melody and lyrics, through these four elements and their characteristics we will propose different modes of interpretation of music and connection with the couple.

We will also have a theoretical part where we will broadly present the work of the authors, the most important thing  of his biography, some anecdotes that define them and the historical-musical context of his work, we will also provide the student with notes and music playlists, so that he can keep this information and make use of it when needed.  

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