Iniciation Intensive weekend - Tango Desbande

Intensive Initiation / [May 16 and 17]

Quarterly we organize an intensive tango initiation on the weekend, approximately mid-term, which gives you the opportunity to include yourself in the group classes in the middle of the quarter, if you wish.

They will be two intensive days, each of them of three hours, where in a pleasant and relaxed way we will invite you to know the basic principles of tango, we will motivate you to put them into practice and we will talk about some of the particularities you should know to start to dance this fascinating, passionate and sensual dance.

Who will guide you on this exciting tour will be the dancer and teacher Pablo Portugues.

You will learn, the basic step, the basics of the hug, eights and pivots and some simple figure.

Next intensive initiation: May 16th and 17th, 2020

  • Hours: from 12h to 15.30 approx
  • Teacher: Pablo Portugués
  • Contribution: Individual € 65, couples € 100
  • To book advance payment of € 20 at the school or in account number ES67 2100 3139 8821 0092 3681 CAIXESBBXXX, putting your name and course and send us an e-mail or whatsapp
  • Card payment (coming soon)

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