Who we are? Tango Desbande

Who we are?

At the present, the “El Desbande” team is made up of 5 to 7 teachers, who meet periodically to monitor and develop the classes and students. In addition to tango, friendship, the desire to share and enjoy the unparalleled energy that we generate among teachers, students, friends, dancers and musicians that we pass through the school and that we invite you to share with us.

Olga and Carlos are the founders and directors of the El Desbande school since 1999, direct and coordinate the study program, teach classes and are available together with the rest of the team of teachers to perform any type of tango event or show with or without musicians


Olga Vall


Carlos Baruque


Our vision of tango

Our main interest is to make it clear that tango is a dance of improvisation and dialogue between a man and a woman related through music and tango’s own codes. Tango is not just a style, nor the sum of different styles, the tango dancer accepts the provocation and the challenge of finding the body of his partner in his own movements, the body of the other feels like an extension of the body itself .

The movements are suggested and interpreted from the hug and the center moves so that the rest of the body moves felinely. Tango music is danced improvisedly, music generates feelings and dancers express them dancing

About classes

We divide the learning into 6 different stages, from absolute beginners Level 0 to the most advanced, Level 5, through a method organized by levels that we have been developing in Barcelona since 1999, the learning of the classes is complemented with the Practice, on Saturdays and Milonga on Fridays.

Our vision of the different stages and techniques of tango is unitary. We believe in evolution without ever giving up the roots. For teaching we rely on different tango techniques depending on the material to be developed in each class, with the aim of developing in the student their own style along with the comfort and pleasure of dancing.

Connection and listening between oneself and the couple and interpretation and attention of music are essential aspects.
As for the organization, for the good development of the classes we strive to balance the groups in pairs as well as offering a wide variety of schedules every day of the week.

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About tango technique

The tango technique has a complex reputation, but once you have dared to take your first steps on the track you get caught without remedy and that apparent complexity becomes an enriching challenge, learning ceases to be a hobby and the real fun begins .

The challenge is not in the physical difficulty of the execution of the dance steps, but in knowing in depth the originality of a language created to communicate in a very intimate and subtle way the great variety of possibilities offered by the dance, an intimate language Universal of great sensuality, simple and sophisticated at the same time.

The hug defines tango and it is through the hug that everything happens, it is not uncommon to listen to those who do not know their mysteries and look at the dancers, “how is it possible that they are improvising” or “it may not be that it is not a choreography.”

Our purpose is to teach you to understand the language through technique and love for this dance with the objective that you can improvise enjoying the connection with the music, with your partner and with the track (all others who dance the same moment ).

Reaching a milonga for the first time in any city you can imagine, dancing with someone unknown, with whom you have crossed an inciting look and flowing, is an absolutely heady feeling.

Milonguero, Salon, Traditional, New Tango are the names you will hear most related to the technique and styles, we have a unitary vision and we believe in style as something personal, we combine different techniques in a balanced way to achieve this purpose, in our News blog you can read interesting information about it.

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