Women Technique - Tango Desbande

Women Technique / [Saturday – May 9th]

In these classes we will prepare the body, relax and tone what is necessary to improve our body awareness, recognizing mainly axis and center in order to move quickly and easily.

Medium-Advanced Level: Technique of volleys, turns and complex ornaments in the walk and the 8’s.

We will work in depth all the ornaments in an organic and conscious way, one by one with their musicality: circles, snacks, bounces, boleos, etc …

We will practice and correct the walk, the 8s back and forth, the pronounced 8s and the turns to apply on them all possible ornaments.

Also, footwork and musicality to surprise the partner on the track without interrupting his dance.

Get ready for class

Bring comfortable clothes, sports socks, and Tango shoes that you normally wear.

Next intensive: Saturday, May 9th

  • Dates: 1 time per quarter
  • Next Saturday, May 9th
  • Time: 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
  • Teacher: Olga Vall
  • Contribution: advance € 17, same day € 20
  • You can pay through the account number: ES67 2100 3139 8821 0092 3681 CAIXESBBXXX, putting your name and course.
  • Payment with quarterly online card (coming soon)

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