How to dress to dance the tango?

Who doesn't like to get handsome when it comes to dancing tango? This dance
Popular in the urban environment of Argentina, Uruguay and now universal, it is characteristic for having a great diversity of steps, some more complex than others, executed by a couple, who usually dance intertwined. Due to its technical complexity, it is recommended enroll in a dance academy , or do some online course.


What is the tango wardrobe?

When dancing tango, one of the most important things is the selection of the
clothing. It must be comfortable and wide or flexible to allow you to perform the different movements of this sensual dance. Feeling comfortable will also make you feel safe and confident in the dance you are going to perform. Consider that the wardrobe you will use is like your second skin.
Everyone can choose the option that they like the most, since the way we dress is one more way of reflecting our personality, another way of transmitting who we are. More classic, or informal, casual or alternative, you can still feel elegant. No matter what you choose, in the end the important thing is to come to try your first class.
Having said this, it should be borne in mind that the dancers' clothing must be elegant and seductive, as well as comfortable and loose. Any option is good from jeans or other types of informal clothing that meet the aforementioned conditions to a suit or dress that you like and go with your style, stuffed would say in the slang of tango, the same in terms of footwear If you meet the indicated conditions, there are even lines of sports shoes to dance for both men and women, Life is a constant dance, and tango is walking you are always in time to start dancing tango.


What kind of clothes and shoes do I need for tango classes?

How important are shoes! If you do not have the shoes in the first weeks or the first months nothing happens, but to start dancing tango you have to take into account the following:

The shoes should be comfortable if possible with a soft leather sole,
also called chrome, even so the sole also works well, usually we
we have to fix that it does not have a drawing. Women can wear shoes
open or closed with high or low heels.
· It is preferable that the sole does not stick to the ground, especially in the front.
· It is essential that the shoe does not have a wide edge to be able to close the feet well.
· Nor should they be elongated with a point where the toes do not reach.
It is important that for the classes take into account the accessories that we
Let's say, and as far as possible we must avoid fringes that get caught on buttons, watches, or necklaces that can hit our dance partner.
From the dance Academy  We recommend that you dress in layers, since the temperature can vary as the class progresses and
You may need to take them off or put them on.
Thus, we have seen how comfort is essential, but its care is
essential to feel good about our image. If you want to buy your tango shoes and show the public of the milongas or your classmates the beauty of your shoes, we recommend you to Antonio Cristiano, an expert in his own and with extensive experience. If what you need is clothes, without a doubt you have to go to Astrid Högström, from Barcelona Tango Showroom.

Antonio Cristiano

Custom shoes

Antonio Cristiano He was born in Naples (Italy) in the family of craftsmen. His father was a cabinetmaker and his mother a seamstress. His paternal grandfather Nicola Cristiano was a recognized designer and shoemaker. In the 1930s he made shoes for the Saboy family, who were living in Naples at the time.


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