Level 5 / For the experienced!

Nivel 5 - Tango Desbande
Contact Call For the advanced level, a certain degree of expertise and practice is required and you must be a regular at milongas. We do not recommend these classes if you have not been dancing regularly for a minimum of 3 years or more. No level 5 this quarter Any theme can appear in the different advanced classes,... Read more

Dance a tango at your wedding

Un tango para tu boda - Tango Desbande
Contact Call Why not dance a tango at your wedding? Surprise your guests with this dance full of romance and passion. It does not matter if you have never taken a tango step, at Desbande we have extensive experience in preparing from a simple but elegant dance to a more elaborate choreography. Contact us ... Read more

Level 4 / Complex moves!

Contactar Llamar Para este nivel:  Trabajo de giros, secuencias mezclando diferentes tipos de movimiento complejo, cambios de dirección, arrastres, planeos, sacadas, boleos y ganchos. Horarios de N 4 Martes 20,15h a 21,30h Horarios para recuperar clases, Nivel 2  Martes 19h,  Miércoles 19,15h,  Viernes 20,15H y Sábados 17:30h (MULTINIVEL)   ¿Quieres saber si estás listo para ... Read more

Level 3 / Spins, boleos and more ...

Contact Call Work on turns, sequences mixing different types of complex movement, changes of direction, drags, glides, throws, boleos and hooks. We will especially encourage improvisation and in the interpretation of music we will introduce syncopation, double-double time, slow movements, etc. Schedules for N 3 Tuesday 8:15 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Schedules to make up classes, Level 2 Tuesday... Read more
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