Intensive Women's Ornaments and Technique, Medium level, Olga Vall- May 13, 2023

Contact Call SATURDAY, May 13, 2023 FROM 12PM TO 2:10PM FEMALE DECORATIONS AND TECHNIQUES (MEDIUM LEVEL) WITH OLGA VALL Theme: decorations on the walk and on the pivots. (Intermediate levels, N1,2,3,4) Program: Stretching for Tango Throws and propulsion Perfecting the walk Technique of eight pivots and turning Advanced decorations: Combinations of different decorations ... Read more

Intensive tango 25 and 26 February El Desbande Barcelona School of Tango Intermediate and advanced, Levels 2,3,4 and 5

Contact Call Day 25 Medium levels 2.3: Approach to off-axis, improvement of pivots Hours: from 12 to 2 pm Price: Individual €20 couples €35 Teachers Olga Vall and Carlos Baruque We will have a first part preparing the body for the technique , working axis, released joints and studying the mechanics of the ... Read more

Tango intensive 26 and 27-02-2022

  Have you never taken a tango step? Does it seem too complicated? We invite you to try El Desbande at our tango school in Barcelona, we have an entertaining and simple method, so that from the first day you can enjoy tango music and its movements, we are the oldest school in ... Read more

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