Discounts tango spring 2023, Level 0

Contact Call We are going to start the Spring Term 2023 from April 11 We already feel the rejuvenating impulse of spring, after a very interesting winter tango course at our school, where we have taken advantage of the time to carry out focused work in the knowledge of the most important orchestras ... Read more

Open day – free class level 0 Wednesday, March 29, 2023 at 6:00 p.m.

Contact Call Conditions: Although you do not need a partner to register for quarterly classes, if you want to secure your place, you must have a partner to register for the trial class. If you do not have a partner, ask us before. THROUGH OUR E-MAIL or TLF. WhatsApp, 635 80 33 75 Leaving us your name and the ... Read more

Autumn 2021 tango discounts, Level 0

Descuentos otoño 2021
Contact Call We take up the tango, we take up the dance, we take up the joy, the enjoyment of feeling closeness, the healthy energy of the embrace, come with us to discover the tango, or to deepen it. In our tango school in Barcelona, your school, we think about it a lot and that's why we have a good assortment of ... Read more

Weekend "La Desbandada" June 11 and 12

Contact Call The weekend of June 11 and 12 we are celebrating, we will organize our first Desbandada. Until before 2020, every term we organized with great success, The student's party, a milonga - practice where the majority of the school's students participated, where we tried and got everyone to loosen up... Read more
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