Next Quarter Spring 2023

El Desbande Tango Quarter Spring 2023 Barcelona, As of April 11, 2023


Spring is here, what better activity for our bodies than taking care of our partner through hugs and dance steps, allowing ourselves to be enveloped by the passion of the tangos and the vitality of the milonga.

In our school you will be able to enjoy a pleasant, well-developed and structured learning in different levels. You can see the results of our work when you come to see us at  the milonga  one of the deans of Barcelona and Spain with 24 years of experience, in addition to being able to initiate you into our guided practices for beginners, 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month. We love our work, helping students in the learning process stimulates and motivates us equally, even with the large number of students in most classes, we can provide quite personalized attention. Although for those of you who want more, want to move faster, refine the details, improve your dance, or simply do not have schedules compatible with the group classes, we have for you our  private classes, where we even sometimes help create  choreography for wedding couples.  Each quarter we also carry out   weekend intensives

Schedules in anticipation



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