Next Quarter Fall 2022

Next update August 15, 2022, while you can see how it shows the classes of the last quarter before the summer.  At this time summer courses 2022

We have started the courses during this new school year quite normally, we are approaching the moment of leaving behind this very uncertain time of the pandemic, recovering practices and milongas , opening several new groups level 0, with a splendid offer of private classes and opening regularly intensive startup . We want our desire for everything to return to its usual course, to join with your desire and everyone's desire that it be so and that we can once again enjoy the milongas, the dance, the hugs, the tango with capital letters, the tango complete, tango without obstacles or barriers, for this reason, because we are sure that it will be so, because we want it with all our strength, because with our tango soul we are calling it, we are already making preparations for our tango classes in our school, your tango school, El Desbande, for next spring 2022


For the time being, we have been able to continue with classes throughout the fall and winter, with more people now than in the summer, with some precautions and it is very true that thanks to the students who accompanied us this far, everything we have achieved by resisting Thanks to you, the pandemic fills us with enthusiasm and joy, renewing our faith that the best is yet to come and will begin in the spring of 2022.


Below you can see the schedules for the tango classes at our school in Barcelona for the next spring term 2022, from April to June included.

The schedules could vary a little from here to the beginning of the classes, we do not think that much and it will depend on the participation, we have left some things unscheduled waiting for the time to come so that little by little they can be recovered, the morning courses , we have already recovered Saturdays and practices, which we hope will increase


Thank you very much for your interest



In anticipation:

Tango Mornings Level 0 - Monday from 11.30 to 12.45, (or another day)

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