Tango intensive, next intensive, February (to be decided)

Next intensive initiation: February, Saturday and Sunday to be decided 

The one who will guide you on this exciting tour will be the dancer and teacher Fernando Corrado

You will learn, the basic step, the fundamentals of the hug, eights and pivots and some simple figure.

Next intensive initiation: February, Saturday and Sunday to be decided 

Schedule: from 12pm to 3.30pm approx

Teacher: Fernando Corrado placeholder image

Input: Individual € 65, couples € 100

To reserve advance payment of € 20 at the school or at the account number ES67 2100 3139 8821 0092 3681 CAIXESBBXXX, putting your name and course and send us an e-mail or whatsapp.


As every term we have a weekend intensive at your disposal, we use this weekend format for intensive courses for two main reasons.

It is a compact, intense and weekend format, which is suitable for most and is an easy, economical and effective way to have a contact, deep enough with this dance to have a clear idea of its characteristics. and the potentiality of its possibilities.

We almost always have half a term or so, with which, for those who arrived too late to start the term and keep up, or for those who were interested in the courses but do not want to wait for the beginning of the term , it is ideal. After having participated in the intensive they can join the weekly schedule of group tango classes in the rhythm of the school.

It is also great as a gift, to a friend or family member, in these cases you just have to tell us and we will send you a gift voucher to print.

We are also one of the few schools that have a milonga - our own practice where we can practice, dance and enjoy all the knowledge of tango that we make available to our students.


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